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kumarakom, kerala
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Heritage Homestay
Wayanad, Kerala
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Lovely Villas in Coonoor

12 Aug 2012

We happen to have some of the loveliest Villas in Coonoor on our network. We are glad to offer them to you at such reasonable prices! Through this list we wanted to bring them to your attention.   more >>
Farmstays in India

7 Aug 2012

We decided to compile a list of the most interesting Farmstays on our network. Here it is:   more >>
Essgewohnheiten in Indien

6 Jul 2012

Indien ist ein Land von verschiedenen Religionen. Deshalb gibt es auch unterschiedliche Essgewohnheiten. In jedem indischen Staat gibt es typische Gerischte, weil die klimatischen Bedingungen und das geographische Gebiet die Essgewohnheiten beeinflussen. Z.B Reis und Fisch sind sehr beliebt in östlichen Regionen. Essen spielt die Hauptrolle in jedem Feiern. In Indien müssen besondere Anlässen mit Süßigkeiten gefeiert werden, wie sie werden in einigen Regionen der Welt mit Wein gefeiert. Viele Menschen sind vegetarier wegen religiöser Gründe. Deshalb gibt es viele interessante Gerichte für Vegetarier, die Fleisch aus Gesundheitsgründen verlassen haben    more >>
Plantation stays in India

6 Jul 2012

Accommodations within the plantation area of agricultural produce such as spices, tea, coffee are called plantation stays. Owners of such plantations welcome travellers to stay at cottages or bungalows on their plantation. A Plantation stay is a great experience to learn how a particular agricultural produce is cultivated. They are also extremely relaxing as one is completely surrounded by nature and greenery.   more >>
Top 5 stays in Uttaranchal

4 Jul 2012

For those of you planning to head to this part of India this summer, here is a list of our best picks for an authentic stay in Uttaranchal. For those of you looking for suggestions for a summer getaway, here is why you should consider Uttaranchal :: The lesser explored of the famous Northern hill states of India, Uttarakhand is fast emerging out of the shadow of its more famous neighbour Himachal Pradesh. Replete with mountains, rivers and forests, it is every inch the typical Himalayan paradise. What you won’t find though is as much commercialization, especially if you wander in the remoteness of its idyllic villages. Ensconced high in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand is the new hideaway of the offbeat traveller. Broadly divided into Garhwal and Kumaon regions, it has everything from adventure to relaxation, wildlife to natural beauty.    more >>
Stay at a Beautiful Heritage Home in India

29 Jun 2012

Houses that are symbols of our heritage and great examples of historical architecture are classified as heritage houses. Staying at a heritage home can truly take you back in time; right from the knowledge of the owner who may have lived there for several generations to the antique furniture, artefacts and collectibles of the heritage home.    more >>
Food Reviews from India

28 Jun 2012

We love exploring. When we are not traveling, we like to get to know the city we are living in. We love food and think it's one of the best things about travelling. It's an integral part of the culture of a place. And if we were to give you an authentic and culturally rich experience of India, shouldn’t we also tell you where to eat? Absolutely! We try so many awesome foods at so many awesome places that we thought we simply had to make a list of them. A list that our readers/travelers could use when in need of suggestions. :)    more >>
4 best Wildlife Destinations in our opinion

India & Stays
27 Jun 2012

• Wayanad, Kerala Also referred to as the green paradise of Kerala, Wayanad is truly all of it and more. The name literally translates to the Land of Paddy Fields, and yet it also has the lofty Western Ghats in its diverse landscape.    more >>
5 things to do in Munnar

22 Jun 2012

Every place has its romantic nuances and these are what a traveler wants to capture in his memories. We thought of compiling a list of all the things that are unique to Munnar. We highly recommend this list because we too have been reminded of why this Indian Hill Station is so special, all over again!    more >>
Festivals, Goa - India

Local Festivals
18 Jun 2012

A popular event to look forward to :: Sao Joao Feast, Goa. A common sight during this festival is excited men jumping into overflowing village wells to retrieve bottles of local feni alcohol. Sounds like fun! There are also boat races, singing and dancing.   more >>
Weekend Getaway Trips

23 Jul 2010

While most of us long for an extended break, city life leaves us with fewer options and weekend getaways become the next big thing.   more >>
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